Omar Radi : “Let’s not forget, nor forgive

In detention since July the 29th in Oukacha prison, Casablanca, after a series of violent political and  media harassment, the investigative journalist Omar radi has become a symbol of freedom of expression struggle. His crime, nothing else than expressing freely his opinion towards human rights violations and corruption, through his investigations in which he committed to an extent of independence and integrity.

We dedicated this website to denounce the injustices he’s subject to, which is the case of several other journalists and activists going through the same treatment. United, we want these practices to stop.


Dans beaucoup de régimes, les petits bras (…) sont revenus supplier après en prétendant “avoir exécuté des ordres”. Ni oubli ni pardon avec ces fonctionnaires sans dignité ! 

― Tweet d’Omar le 6 avril 2019

(…) the pile-on of disparate accusations, accompanied by a slander campaign originating in media seemingly close to Moroccan security services, make Radi’s prosecution look like a bid to crush him and intimidate others.

― Eric Goldstein,
Deputy Director, HRW

Moroccan authorities must release journalist Omar Radi immediately and refrain from filing retaliatory charges against the pressas been accepted into University next year!

― Committee to Protect Journalists

I’m concerned by the ongoing interrogations and recent arrest of Omar Radi, a Moroccan journalist reportedly targeted because of his work. Press freedom is fundamental to prosperous societies and responsible government, and I urge Rabat to respect that freedom and release Radi.

― Chris Coons, US Senator

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